Total Reward:
80 . 0 0 0 T L
November 25, 2020


  1. The competition is open to all participants who meet the requirements of the contract.
  2. Films of fiction, animation, documentary or experimental types and in digital format that directly or indirectly deal with the theme of health may participate in the competition .
  3. Productions in 2018 and beyond may participate in the competition.
  4. Films total duration of which do not exceed 15 (+2) minutes, including front and back credits, may apply to the competition.
  5. Contestants may apply with more than one work. Previous participation of a film in national or international competitions or received awards from these competitions does not prevent it from participating in the competition.
  6. Contestants accept, declare and warrant to meet all the necessary expenses for the making of their films and to waive Çekmeköy Municipality from all expenses, claims that may arise from the the conflicts that may arise with third parties, except for the AWARD obligation stipulated in the present specification.
  7. The contestant accepts, declares and undertakes that the work or works provided by them are their original work(s) or that they have all the necessary licenses and permits to use the work for contractual purposes if its rights belongs to someone else.
  8. Filling out the online application form on the website www.cekmekoykisafilm.com in full means that the producer of a film agrees to the terms of the competition.
  9. If the language of the work is not Turkish, Turkish subtitles should be added to the film.
  10. Participants are required to upload their films online after the form filling phase. The loading quality of movies must be DV PAL (720 x 576) or 1080p (1920 x 1080) in HD format. The size of the file to be uploaded must be less than 2 GB.
  11. For the purpose of promoting his/her film, the contestant agrees and undertakes to provide a digital version of the existing photos, posters, posters and similar promotional materials for free.
  12. The contestant accepts and undertakes that the film will be used in all announcement media (poster, billboard, Internet, website, brochure, cardboard, etc.) in a size/length deemed appropriate by Çekmeköy Municipality. Çekmeköy Municipality has the right to publish
  13. the film in any medium using adequate sections for promotion purposes.
  14. Çekmeköy Municipality may broadcast 9 films to be ranked top on Çekmeköy Municipality social media accounts and on the municipality website, www.cekmekoykisafilm.com and on the media it deems appropriate for an indefinite period without paying any royalties, except
  15. for the award won by the film.
  16. Çekmeköy Municipality has the right to display top 9 films to the audience indefinitely without paying royalties to the owner of the work at the film festivals or various events that it will organize after the competition.
  17. In the event of a violation of a right and/or interest that is the subject of intellectual and/or industrial property protected in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation, the contestant accepts all kinds of administrative, civil, criminal and
  18. financial liability arising from this. Furthermore, all expenses related to the production of all kinds of works within the scope of the Law of Intellectual Property Rights (LIPR) No. 5846 to be used in the production of the Film, and all kinds of expenses, including the permits and royalties arising from the use of these works in the Film, will be covered by the contestant.
  19. The winning competitors are obliged to obtain the licenses (designs, all kinds of works within the scope of LIPR, preliminary agreements with third parties and / or institutions, etc.) and documents regarding the transfer of rights of original works which belong to
  20. other artists/right holders and submit these license or documents to Çekmeköy Municipality before the award showing that the work can be used by Çekmeköy Municipality in accordance with the contractual purposes and obtained in accordance with LIPR.
  21. Members of the Council of the Çekmeköy Municipality, employees, managers; first-degree relatives of the president and his assistants; jurors and first-degree relatives and employees such as assistant-secretary cannot participate in the competition.
  22. The following materials will be requested by the competition committee from the film owners who are awarded. The contestant has to deliver these materials digitally and on time:
    1. Director's name, surname, film name, duration, production date
    2. High resolution (50x70 cm 300 dpi) vertical and horizontal banner of the film, if any
    3. Director's high resolution photo (Jpeg)
    4. Turkish and English synopsis of the film
    5. Turkish and English biography of the director
  23. The competition committee may make changes to the specification if necessary. It announces this change on its website.
  24. Applications that do not comply with the specified conditions will not be evaluated.
  25. The prize money belongs to the legal right holder of the film mentioned in the application form.
  26. In the event that the Çekmeköy Municipality International Short Film Competition cannot be realized in any way due to force majeure (natural disasters, extraordinary situations, war, epidemic, etc.), the parties agree and undertake in advance not to demand costs, compensation or under any other name from each other.