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November 25, 2020


Dear Cinemagoers,

As the world changes and transforms, as in all areas, there are changes in the field of culture and art. These changes and transformations have also affected social events, technological developments, and forms of cultural and artistic fields, allowing them to gain a new identity and expand their sphere of influence. The interests of cinema, which is one of the areas of culture and art, are also renewing itself by keeping up with this change. As a country, we are trying to exist and compete in this new system of a world that differs and changes in all areas. With the work and projects carried out for this purpose, as local authorities, we are trying to fulfill our duties and responsibilities and contribute to the future of a new and strong Turkey. One of these projects is the Çekmeköy International Short Film Competition, which we believe contributes to the field of culture and art and the formation of a native language of cinema.

Dear Friends of Cinema,

The first of the Çekmeköy International Short Film Competition was held in 2016 with the theme “Compassion and Justice”. By describing the treacherous coup attempt experienced by our country on July 15 and the glorious resistance of the nation with art, we asked cinema artists to process this event, which left its mark in the history of our country, with short films. For this purpose, we set the theme of our short film competition in 2017 as “Betrayal and Resistance: July 15”. In 2018, we wanted to draw attention to the value and tradition of “Neighborhood”, which is an important value that faces disappearing in our country and in the world, by defining it as the theme of our short film competition.

About 800 films from different countries participated in the Çekmeköy International Short Film competitions, which is being held for three years. Our short film competitions themed "Compassion and Justice" and "Betrayal and Resistance:July 15" were awarded Presidential patronages. In addition, Çekmeköy International Short Film Competition is the first project prepared by a local government and patronized by the President.

Dear Friends,

As of the end of 2019, humanity is facing an epidemic that we can only face once every hundreds of years. A virus that appeared in the Wuhan region of China soon affected the entire world. This virus, which has turned all systems upside down, has also caused many social systems to change. Education, health, transport, the economy, social and cultural life have been disrupted or reshaped. As Cekmeköy Municipality, we wanted to make this issue, which is closely related to the world and our country, a theme of art. We desire that the issue of health, which we think can be addressed from different perspectives, be transferred to the silver screen. For this reason, we have determined the theme of this year's Çekmeköy International Short Film Competition as “Health”. With short films to be prepared in the genres of documentary, animation, and fiction, artists will interpret matters such as how the issue of health is perceived in the world and in our country and how societies approach the phenomenon of health.

I thank art lovers of all ages who will prepare films for the competition in advance.

Mayor of Cekmekoy