Total Reward:
80 . 0 0 0 T L
November 25, 2020

Purpose and Subject

Çekmeköy Short Film Competition attracted great national attention with its themes of “Compassion and Justice” in its first year, “Betrayal and Resistance” in its second year and “Neighborhood” in its third year and made contributions to the world of cinema by adding new talents and new works. At the Fourth festival, the theme of “Health”, which is the common agenda of our lives changed by the Covid-19 virus, which deeply affects the whole world, was determined as the theme of the competition for 2020.

Everything that a human being experiences; social events, human relations, psychological problems, diseases, epidemics, famine, wars, addictions, natural disasters affect the individual and society in terms of physical and mental health.

Human beings, who have fought with many forces throughout history, have fought viruses and bacteria that are invisible to the eye and cause many problems if they infiltrate their body. Plague, chickenpox, cholera, typhus, etc. diseases are epidemics that threaten human health all over the world, cause the death of millions of people, and disrupt social, economic and many other systems. But thanks to humanity's determination to survive and rapidly advancing science, these epidemics have been survived.

In these days, when we better understand the importance of human health, the coronavirus (COVID-19), which appeared in Wuhan, China, and affected the whole world, is being fought. It is observed that this epidemic, which affects people both physically and spiritually, also raises different social problems. Along with the pandemic, many things that we prioritize in our practical lives have changed. This process may be conceived of major social changes.

Taking advantage of the power of cinema's influence with the "health" themed short film competition; it is aimed to create social awareness through productions which treat issues from various angles such as;

  • importance of health, healthy individual perception of healthy society,
  • problems/factors affecting individual and social health,
  • intersections of technology and health,
  • health/disease problems which people personally experience and/or witness.